Susan M. Sisti, R.T. (R)(M)(QM)

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Mammography: FDA/MQSA Compliance

MQSA/FDA may be monitored on an on-going basis at your facility as part of a consultation package to meet your needs:

  • QA Program for Mammography (on-going)
    • Daily & weekly testing performed by your onsite technologists will be reviewed & monitored.
    • Monthly – Quarterly & Semi-Annual Testing for your imaging units
  • Monitor Continuing Education Compliance of the Radiologists, Mammography Technologists & Medical Physicist.
  • Monitor Continuing Experience Compliance of the interpreting Radiologists & Mammography Technologists on a monthly basis.
  • Assist with maintaining policies related to Mammography medical records, film/report maintenance policies, and send-out system policies.
  • Update facility on changing MQSA/FDA regulations.

Assist in the preparation for annual MQSA Inspection process. Provide on-site inspection support the day of the inspection.

State of NJ Department of X-ray Compliance

Radiology Quality Assurance Programs established per the State of New Jersey Department of X-ray Compliance